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WWE Hell in a Cell 30/31 October 2016 Sasha Banks VS Charlotte Video Result Winner

WWE Hell in a Cell 30/31 October 2016 Sasha Banks VS Charlotte Video Result Winner :- You watched yesterday night the greatest match of WWE women’s history. Two famous WWE divas fought for their prestige in sadistic structure. If you had missed the match, we are going to tell you the complete story of the match.

WWE Hell in a Cell 30/31 October 2016 Sasha Banks VS Charlotte Video Result Winner

WWE Hell in a Cell 30/31 October 2016 Sasha Banks VS Charlotte Video Result Winner

Charlotte VS Sasha Banks Match WWE Women’s Champion Title Written Updates

What an entry by Miss Charlotte Flari!! She made a queen like entry. The superb superstar Miss Flair was cheered by her fans nonstop. Entry of Charlotte was really irritating to her opponent. She was sitting on a chair and the chair was pulled by four shoulders on a board. She was looking so beautiful. Sasha Banks made a great entry like her mentor Eddie Guerrero. She was on a car. She was really looking her late mentor. She was holding her shield. The fans were cheering for her. She was acting like Eddie. She created a memorable moment. The fans of Eddie Guerrero might be missing their superstar. Don’t Miss this special Match of WWE Hell in a Cell 30 October 2016 Sasha Banks VS Charlotte.

Both of the superstars were inside the ring. The steel cage was coming down. Before it comes down, Charlotte attacked at Sasha. Sasha wasn’t ready for that. She couldn’t defend herself. Charlotte punched on her and threw downside the ring.  Referee was trying to stop to both of female superstar. The match had started before the time.

It was really not looking like Hell In A Cell match. The battle was going on outside the steel cage. Charlotte’s attacks were unstoppable. She was so angry. The fans were cheering because they were watching different than their expectations. Charlotte grabbed Sasha’s face and put it on the table very hard. Watch WWE Hell in a Cell 31 October 2016 on TenSports at Evening Time.

It was Sasha’s turn. She attacked on Charlotte and threw into the audience. The referee was looking helpless. He was requesting to both of the divas to go back to inside the steel cage. Sasha kicked, kicked and kicked to Charlotte until she didn’t go insensible.    The audience were getting the full value of their tickets. This is Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks Match for Women’s Championship Title on WWE Hell in a Cell 2016.

Sasha couldn’t continue the revenge too long. Both of the superstars were out of the audience area. Miss Flair was trying to reach on the roof of steel cage. Sasha drew her down and tried to reach on the roof. Sasha planned to throw her opponent on the table. But her intentions were ruined by her brutal opponent.  She forgot that the battle is going on with great superstar Charlotte. Sasha was taken on shoulders by Miss Flair and threw her on table of commentators brutally. You are reading about WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte VS Sasha Banks Match on Hell in a Cell 2016 Written Updates.

It was really sadistic moment. Sasha injured badly and she wasn’t able to move a little bit. All this happened before starting the match officially. T Referees were asking to Sasha if she could continue the match. Sasha was totally collapsed. The medical help arrived on incident area. Sasha was crying. The medical team was putting her on stretcher.

But on the other side, Charlotte was inside the steel cage. She was still hoping that the match could continue. But unfortunately Sasha Banks wasn’t able to “Give me back my title, I want back my title.” This is WWE Women’s Champion Match between Charlotte VS Sasha Banks on WWE Hell in a Cell 30 Oct 2016. Goldberg Vs Brock Lesnar Match WWE Survivor Series 20 November 2016

But suddenly the moment changed. Everybody was surprised. Sasha Banks had left the stretcher. The referees and medical team were trying to make her understand that she can’t fight. But she insisted. She punched two referees and entered into the steel cage. Her courage was worth watching. The referee warned her last time but she refused and the referee announced to start the match.

Sasha attacked Charlotte very brutally. She wasn’t looking that she was injured a while ago. Charlotte resisted and hit on Sasha’s face with her boot. It made a little bit unconscious to Sasha and it gave a chance to Charlotte to recover from the attacks of Sasha. Sasha Banks VS Charlotte Women’s Championship Title Match WWE Hell in a Cell 2016

Sasha’s back was injured. Charlotte made a plan to hit only on back of Sasha. Many attacks of Sasha had forced Charlotte to become more serious for the match and as everybody was hoping, Charlotte showed his real side of her fighting passion. Charlotte came on Sasha’s shoulders and threw her on the steel cage. Sasha was again unconscious. Miss Flair took her inside the ring. The referee counted ONE, TWO and Sasha refused to give up so easily. In between Sasha tried to come back in the match many times. But Charlotte failed her intentions every time.

Sasha didn’t stop trying and she made a brutal attack on Miss Flair. Miss Flair’s head was hit on the wall of steel cage. After this Sasha gave three continue suplex to Charlotte and tried to confirm her win. The referee again counted ONE TWO but Charlotte refused. Seth Rollins VS Kevin Owens WWE Universal Championship Title Match Hell in a Cell 2016

Charlotte got a moment and kicked on Sasha’s face. She threw her from the rope on the wall of steel cage. It hurt a lot to Sasha and Charlotte got time to recover. Now the time for Charlotte. She was inside the ring with a table. But again the moment changed. Sasha punched to Charlotte. Charlotte made a clinch with her legs around Sasha’s legs. Sasha wasn’t ready to give up so easily. She found a steel chair nearby him and hit Charlotte. Charlotte lose her legs’ lock. Thus the match was going on. Sometimes Sasha was up and sometimes Charlotte was up. Many moments were seemed like final moment of the match. But the final and highly awaited moment came which gave the first woman winner of Hell In A Cell. Charlotte became the first women of Hell In A Cell. It was the greatest moment of WWE women history. Roman VS Rusev Match Winner Result WWE Hell in a Cell 2016

Watch Sasha Banks VS Charlotte WWE Women’s Champion Match Video Hell in a Cell 2016

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Updated: October 31, 2016 — 3:52 pm

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