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Super Dancer 13 November 2016 Episode 20 Video All Performances Results

Super Dancer 13 November 2016 Episode 20 Video All Performances Results :- Super Dancer is one the best dancing reality shows of India. The aim of the show is to find the talent of dance for the future of dancing industry. The show present such children who have something really different talent and great potential. The age of the kids must be between 4 to 13 years. The contestants of Super Dancer are having unique, disciplined and determinative personality. All of the contestants are so passionate for dance. This show provides a great opportunity to every kid who has potential to achieve his goal in the field of dance. Videos of super dancer, mp4 videos of super dancer, 3gp videos of super dancer, download latest videos super dancer.

Super Dancer 13 November 2016 Episode 20 Video All Performances Results

Super Dancer 13 November 2016 Episode 20 Video All Performances Results

Super Dancer 13 November 2016 Episode 20 Video All Performances Results

The timing of Super Dancer is Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM on Sony Entertainment Television. The Episode 19 of Super Dancer proved itself one the best episodes of Super Dancer. We are sharing with you written updates of the Super Dancer and the performances of Super Dancer. latest videos super dancer, best contestant of super dancer, best contestant of super dancer

There were special guest as children in the show from Magic Bust Organisation.  Star cast of ‘Tum Bin 2’ was also present on the show. who will win super dancer, eliminated contestant of super dancer latest episode, latest eliminated contestant of super dancer,

So let’s have a look on the performances of all the contestants of Super Dancer. We are providing written updates of all the performances of Super Dancer.

  1. November 12 November 12 Dipali and Ashis: – The first performance of this show is given by two contestants of different teams. These contestants were Dipali and Sidhant. They started their performance very beautifully. The theme of their performance was a ‘Love Story’ and they performed on a very sweet song ‘Janam Janam’. Their dance style was waltz. The performance was outstanding. All the children and audience cheered the performance along with judges. who eliminated in super dancer episode 19, elimination on November 12 in super dancer.

Comments of the Judges: The judges were looking happy and satisfied with the performance.

Shilpa Shetty: The first comment of the show came from Shilpa. She appreciated the efforts of Ashis. She also gave a standing ovation. Shilpa told to everyone that Ashis was sick but still he prepared his task within a day. She also added, “The expressions in the performance by both of the contestants were very beautiful. Both of you done very well. Super se upar performance.”

Geeta Maa: Geeta Maa gave a standing ovation to both of the teacher Lipsa and Sonali for the outstanding work with dancers. She also appreciated the work what they prepared within a day. Super strength and beautifully choreographed performance.

Anurag Basu: He just gave a standing ovation like always. All feelings expressed in a few words.

After the comments of judges Dipali made a lot laugh to everyone. She did acting of judges along with Ashis’s mom. She did superb acting. She won the heart of every person in the show. She proved herself that she also knows acting with dance.

  1. Laxman and Sidhant: – The second performance of Super Dancer comes from Laxman and Sidhant. They decided to perform on ‘Batein Kuch Ankahi Si’. Their dancing style was lyrical freestyle. The performance was outstanding which spell bounded everyone in the show.

Comments of the judges: The performance was the mixture of two choreographers and it pleased a lot to judges and audience too.

Shilpa Shetty: – She said that the performance was choreographed beautifully. It was super choreography. Both of the contestants did very well.

 Anurag Basue: He said that the song got a new life and nobody can imagine that anyone can perform like on this of song. He was speechless.

Geeta Maa: She was looking so happy with the performance. She made her very famous comment. There was perfect execution in the performance and very innovative steps. She also appreciated to both of the teacher Pual and Shyam.

Wow! Wow! There was a very surprising entry of one of the very famous personality. Viyan Raj Kundra.. yes yes son of Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra.

And one more surprising entry of husband of Shilpa Shetty Mr. Raj Kundra. The environment was very funny. Mr. Kundra was taking disciplinary class of Mama ji.

  1. Masoom and Yogesh: – The third performance of Super Dancer comes from the boneless girl Masoom and the very talented Yogesh. The couple has chosen to ‘Gaur Gauri’ to perform. This was the most outstanding, spell bounded and cheered performance. The performance pleased the most to the audience.

Geeta Maa: She said that this song was originally choreographed by Farah mam and you both guys hit the quality of original song. Many lefts were made by Yogesh and Masoom was too supportive in the whole performance. She also said the energy level, dancing and expressions of their performance was really good. It was overall outstanding performance.

Shilpa Shetty: She appreciated to both of the teacher who worked hard on of both of the contestants to recognize their energy level. It was Super Se Upar Performance.

Anurag Basu: He said that the performance was amazing. Very outstanding choreography.

Another entertaining moment comes in the show when Viyan Raj Kundra asked to perform on the stage. He comes to stage and dance with the contestants.

The Kapil Sharma Show 12 November 2016

  1. Vidya and Ananya: – The fourth and last performance comes from the two very talented contestants of Super Dancer Vidya and Ananya. They went to perform with ‘Jo Manu Pyar Na Mile’ and their dancing style was Freestyle. This was another outstanding performance of Super Dancer. Everything was amazing in this performance.

Comments of Judges: There were mixed reactions of judges on this performance.

Geeta Maa: She said that Vidya was little faster. The dancing was good and choreography too.

Shilpa Shetty: Very well done. The performance was very energetic and powerful act. Well done performance.

Anurag Basu: The performance was good and energetic.

At the end of the show every contestant made a lot of fun with the star cast of ‘Tum Bin 2’.

Super Dancer 12 November 2016 Episode

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