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Rising Star India 15 April 2017 Episode 21

Rising Star India 15 April 2017 Episode 21 :- This is a Ticket To Finale Episode of Rising Star. So, all the performers trying to gave their best tonight. Who will Eliminate from the Top 6 Singers?

Rising Star India 15 April 2017 Episode 21

Rising Star India 15 April 2017 Episode 21

Top 6 Names :

  1. Maithali
  2. Vikram Jeet
  3. Ameya Date
  4. Ankita
  5. Bannet
  6. Nikita

These all 6 are spark of Colors TV singing reality show Rising Star India. The Episode 21 starts with a very good punjabi singer Bannet. He took very good start today at Rising Star India 15 April 2017 Episode. Really the opening of Today’s Episode was truly Mind Blowing. Don’t Miss Tonight Rising Star 15th April 2017 Episode.

Rising Star India 15 April 2017 Episode 21 Written Updates Video Download Mp4

After learnt many things this week a big singer Monali Thakur, Bannet gave Terrific performance Tonight. He sung a song “Lagan Lagan” from movie Tere Naam and makes all the people of his fan.

This is truly one of a good performance of Bannet. Bannet Dosanjh from Monali Thakur impressed all the Judges and audience and got very good votes on Today’s episode of Rising Star India.

He got 84% Votes by Audience + Judges. This is one of a big score of Rising Star 15th April 2017 Episode. As per rule first performer have to go on Red Zone and give target to next performer.

Second Performer Ameya Date came from Shankar Mahadevan’s team. He couldn’t get success to impressed all the Judges and audience and got very low votes tonight.

All three Judges Monali Thakur, Diljit Dosanjh & Shankar Mahadevan have not given him their votes. Tonight on Rising Star India 15-4-2017 this was very bad performance of Ameya Date. Ameya Date got 58% Votes.

Now the time to know Who won Ticket to Finale on Rising Star India?

Third performer came from Monali Thakur’s team “Nikita Boro“. She gave Out Standing performance Tonight and got 83% Votes. She impressed again all the judges and audience.

Next performer came Ankita from Diljit Dosanjh’s Team. She is truly a big performer of Tonight Episode. She sung wonderful and won all the hearts. This was one of a best performance of Ankita’s Journey on Rising Star India 15 April 2017 Episode.

Ankita got 84% Votes Tonight but this low than Bannet Votes.

5th Performer Maithili came from Shankar’s Team. Mathali also sung very well and won all the hearts. She got high votes tonight. She again impressed all the judges and audience and got 86% Tonight. This was highest vote tonight till 5th performance.

Last performer came Vikram Jeet from Diljit Dosanjh’s Team. Today Vikram Jeet is a Top scorer of Rising Star India 15th April 2017 Episode. He got 89% Votes and break all the voting today. He sung Layi Vi Na Gayi song.

Now Ticket To Finale battle will play between Vikram Jeet & ?… 

This is depend on Rising Star India 16 April 2017 Episode Who will win Ticket to Finale? because One fighter now appear and second fighter will appear tomorrow. Jaguar F Pace Specifications

Tonight Who is going at Home? Eliminate Tonight : Ameya Date. This eviction is depend on week performance today.

Watch a Small Video of Battle Between 2 Top Girls of this show Ankita & Maithili

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Rising Star India Winner

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Updated: April 18, 2017 — 11:28 am

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