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MTV Splitsvilla 9 16 July 2016 Full Episode 9 Video Task Performances

MTV Splitsvilla 9 16 July 2016 Full Episode 9 Video Task Performances :- Watch MTV India’s Top Popular Dating and Task show MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 9 with new Task “Gadhe aur Ghode” with a beautiful and sexy Host Sunny Leone and very smart and handsome Ranvijay Singh. This task was really very entertaining. All the contestants showed their full on full in this task but few girls are mad and few are confused. This was really on Epe of a very entertaining episode of MTV Splitsvilla Season 9. The task started girls were sitting on their boy friend’s shoulder and fight with full safety stick, which can hit any where.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 16 July 2016 Full Episode 9 Video Task Performances

MTV Splitsvilla 9 16 July 2016 Full Episode 9 Video Task Performances

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 9 Task Gadhe Aur Ghode Performance

Twitter Updates about the task : Shreeradhe has to give up her bracelet! Isha has Karan support to her in the task to dethrone Queen Martina! :O Do you think she’ll win?, Anddddd…round one is Queen Martina’s! :D, Martina wins AGAIN!

Martina won the task and Isha has to return her bracelet. Girls did egg smash on heads of each other. This was also very interesting moment of this episode. Girls also write bad words for Queen like Illogical, Dumb, Super Bitch, Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Bitch, etc. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Grand Finale 2016

Woah! The boys will vote out a princess to surrender her bracelet!

Check Few Twitter Updates about Egg Smash on Head

Aww! Poor Rajnandini! 😛
Oh Rajnandini gets her revenge alright! Take that Kavya! 😛
Poor Mayuri gets smashed really badly! Do you think she’s a chudail? Did she deserve it?
Isha and Mayuri seem to be having a smash off! 😀
Shreeradhe gets an egg smashed on her head finally! 😛
Sunny consoles Rajnandini as she cries! 🙁 :O

EGG Smash, Splitsvilla 9 16 July Episode 9

Dance Plus 2 Episode 5

After that Sunny Leone and Ranvijay Singh also did egg smashed on Boy’s head.

In a twist of fate, for the first time, some of the girls are sent to the dumping ground!

ISHA and KAVYA are Safe! MTV Splitsvilla 9 & 10 July, 2016 Episode Task

Watch MTV Splitsvilla 9 Ep 9 Video Clip 16-7-2016

So You Think You Can Dance Semi Finale 16 July

Watch and Enjoy this full show on Mtv India, Hotstar or Voot. Share your thoughts about this MTV Splitsvilla 9 16 July, 2016 Episode 9. To get all updates stay tuned with us.

Updated: July 16, 2016 — 8:25 pm

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  1. Rajnandini is very dumb and unculture.she is so so so foul.she is very weird.Martina and varun is best.this season splits villa is very boring and weird also bcoz there is no connection or no relationship.all is fake.so I just hate this show for this year bcoz rules is weird,book of fortune is weird etc etc.and we know who is the winer in this show and that is disgusting rajnandini.

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