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MTV Roadies Rising 15 July 2017 Video Episode 25 Vote Out Result Elimination Result

MTV Roadies Rising 15 July 2017 Video Episode 25 Vote Out Result Elimination Result :- This weekend MTV Roadies Rising Ep 25 is very special because we got all the Semi Finalist contestant from all Teams. There was seen a big suspense and twist on Roadies 15th July Episode. All were very excited because they are happy to see them in Semi Final of this season. Last week injured Samar came back in Roadies X5 to do another task today but he was not fully recover from injury. Yes, he was very disappointed for this last week performance. But, he completed his task successfully.

MTV Roadies Rising 15 July 2017 Video Episode 25 Vote Out Result Elimination Result

MTV Roadies Rising 15 July 2017 Video Episode 25 Vote Out Result Elimination Result

MTV Roadies Rising 15th July 2017 Episode Eviction Ep 25 Vote Out Results Semi Finalists Name Mp4

They reached on new task area and see a grid hang by crane. Host Gayln welcomed all the gang leaders and warriors on new task venue. All the X Warriors sent a special message for their team on Hike Messenger. This is Hike Messenger Flagship task.

Host Gayln said when we reached on Patiala she told that Game will be individual soon. Today is the time when you will not play in Gang. Today you will play in a Pair (One Boy with One Girl) from other team. Dance Plus 3 All Episodes

Girls get 30 Flags and climb on then hang their flags on hooks and boys will hang on inverted and hook out the opposite flags. This is a task “Hike Messenger Flagship” today MTV Roadies 15 July 2017 Episode.

The Pair, who will be the most flagged, they win and reach in Semi Final, loser will directly eliminated. So, first think then make your pair to win the task.

1st Samyukta told she want to perform with Priyank

2nd Meenal told she want to do this task with Shiv

3rd Shweeta Choosed Samar

MTV Roadies Rising 15 July 2017 Episode Written Updates Task Name Who is Eliminated?

Mandeep & Baseer is already in Semi Final, so they will not do this task today. All 3 were ready and to do this task, they got 5 minutes to do this task and win. 2 Boys & one girl were hanging down and 2 girls & one boy standing to hang the flags. Shweeta, Shiv & Priyank were hang down and Meenal, Samyukta & Samar is on. Priyank was performing well than others. Shweeta was also doing better. Who win the task on Roadies 15th July 2017?

Samyukta & Priyank Flags were lowest so they are eliminate direct from Roadies Rising 15 July 2017 Episode. But, twist has left now. Samyukta was crying because this was planned game, both others makes plan and out them.

Shiv & Meenal got the ticket of Semi Final. Prince was looking very happy because his team both members in Semi Final Baseer & Meenal. On Second Position Shweeta & Samar. Samyukta was very emotional and crying. She love Ranvijay and play for him.MTV Roadies Rising 8 July 2017

Priyank & Samyukta went from there. Host Gayln said Nikhil your gang is finish but we will see you tonight at the vote our the of the left gang leaders of the Roadies. 6 were left now Baseer, Mandeep, Meenal, Shiv in Semi Final and 2 left Samar & Shweeta.

MTV Roadies Rising July 15 Sneak Peak Video Watch

Now the time of vote out from 2 left Roadies Samar & Shweeta. Today 4 semi finalist will decide who will go at home Shweeta or Samar. Who is 5th Semi Finalist? Sweeta & Samar got last chance to convince Semi Finalists for vote him/her. They all did open vote out to eliminate one from Shweeta & Samar. Jagga Jasoos First Weekend Business

Mandeep wrote Samar and said Sorry Samar i want to see Shweeta in further rounds. Shiv vote out Shweeta and said I need Samar because Family, Family hoti hai, Meenal vote out Samar because She compete me and if i do task with he i would feel proud, Baseer also wrote the name of Samar to eliminate him today. Shweeta is in team now and Samar eliminated. Dance Plus 3 15 July 2017

RoadiesRising 5th Semi Finalist – Shweeta

Host Gayln called all three Samar, Samyukta & Priyank. One would be safe after won the next task on Roadies Rising 22 July 2017 Episode. Another one will be Semi Finalist. All the x Gang Leaders came to give one, second chance to back in Roadies Rising Journey. Don’t Miss Next Week MTV Roadies Rising 22nd July Episode 26 on same time same channel. Dance Plus 3 Episode 6

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Updated: July 17, 2017 — 10:30 pm

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