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Bigg Boss 10 28 November 2016 Day 43 Full Episode Written Updates

Big Boss 10 28 November 2016: – Big Boss 10 is one the most famous shows of India. This is the only show which is seen by both middle and upper middle class. Few contestants are selected for each season of Big Boss. Every week one contestant eliminated from the show. In past ten years Big Boss has gained a lot of popularity in India. The show is inspired with English show Big Brother. Don’t Miss Bigg Boss 10 28 November 2016 Episode.

Bigg Boss 10 28 November 2016 Day 43 Full Episode Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 28 November 2016 Day 43 Full Episode Written Updates

Swami Om is the one of the funniest and strange character of Big Boss. And the day 42 started with his appearance on our TV screens. In the last episode of Big Boss 10 we all along with contestants were shocked by wild card entries. This was a very amazing episode Big Boss 10. It was full of entertainment and surprises. If you have missed this episode then watch on official page of Colors Bigg Boss 10 28 November 2016.

In Big Boss 10 Nov 28, 2016 contestants were preparing for tasks. There were a few plastic domes in the garden. Big Boss gave task to four contestants to spend time in those domes. Whoever will be spend more time in domes he/she will be secures from the eliminations. Big Boss strictly announced that nobody can’t use force to stay inside the domes. This watch is going to be the biggest rival of Big Boss 10. Both teams were preparing themselves. Again drama was done by Swami Om. Today episode was much entertaining of Bigg Boss 10 28 November 2016 because of Task.

At 2:30 PM teams were inside their domes. Bani and Priyanka were together. It was interesting. Bani called to dome like a spaceship. They both were too talkative.

Rahul Dev and Sahil Anand came outside first of all.

At 5:30 PM Lopa Mudra and Bani appeared on the screen. They were talking about Monalisa. They commented at Mona calling her ambitious.

At 8:30 PM Again Priyanka and Bani appeared on the screen. Priyanka flirted with Mannu and called her that he is only made for her. She said that Mannu can handle to wives in his life.

Mannu and Nitibha were discussing about Priyanka. Mannu called Priyanka that she is trying to play with him.

Bigg Boss 10 27 November 2016

At 9:00 PM Bani and Manveer Gurjar are talking about Mannu and other contestants. She called Priyanka very important for himself. He called to Sahil a useless person. Sahil is not able to stay in Big Boss without the support of others. He called to Jason angrez and said why he is in Big Boss house.

43rd Day AT 12:00 AM

The Priyanka and Bani once again on TV screen. They were still inside of the dome. Jason came outside the dome. Guarav also came outside the dome after Jason.

Dear Zindagi Third Day Collection

At 1:00 AM Gaurav, Rohan and Rahul are discussing about their strategies. Gaurav called Mannu a sick person. Watch and enjoy Bigg Boss 10 28 November 2016 with your friends. To get all updates stay tuned with us.

Updated: November 29, 2016 — 12:09 am

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